Soy ice creams
New Packaging !
Prepared in a traditional way, all our organic soy ice creams are delicious allies to ease digestion !
Thyme Garlic - Mix Pepper
The latest gourmet creation of Sojami! A succulent puck with texture and taste similar to a "goat cheese". To be enjoyed as an aperitif or at the end of a meal.
Fast and easy
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To be used as a cheese at the end of the meal or in original recipes for the aperitif.
Lacto-fermented tofu
5 flavours : nature - tamari
pesto - olive - pink berries
Lacto-fermented tofus evolve to 2x100g. More convenient packaging but identical recipes.
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All the benefits of organic and lacto-fermented soya

our products are good for all

What is
lacto-fermentation ?

A truly innovative process where taste is never forgotten
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What is
lacto-fermentation ?

During lacto-fermentation, bacteria convert sugars into lactic acid, producing richer and "more alive" food.

It allows better food conservation, especially of vitamins.

It protects our metabolism from pathogenic micro-organisms and reinforces our immune defenses.

It facilitates digestion and improves nutrient bioavailability.