Sojami, inventor of lacto-fermented soy

Jean-James Garreau, Doctor of Biology
and Researcher in Human Ecology,
founder of Sojami
patent on the lacto-fermentation of soy milk
innovating enterprises creation contest in Agen
creation of the enterprise Sojami
new sustainable factory (1200 m²)
Work stations designed as a sustainable agri-food unit
Increased production capacity
A 100% organic and vegetal society
The only real « vegetal cheese » in Europe !
A brand present in all the organic distribution channel (more than 1000 points of sale in France)
When research rhymes with creation

For nearly 20 years, SOJAMI has been searching for and providing answers to issues that concern us all :

global overconsumption of animal protein
inability to meet the future nutritional needs of a growing humanity
promote organic production and local areas

Researcher passionate about micro-biology, economics, ecology and dietetics, Jean James Garreau has never ceased, creating SOJAMI in 1997 after inventing and filing an exclusive patent on lactic fermentation, to imagine and develop food products based on protein, and soy in particular.

Today more than ever,
the products SOJAMI remain valuable allies for the planet and for your health!