Sojami, a 100% Organic & Committed enterprise

located in Agen

The Eco-Factory

A real and strong innovation capacity in technological processes (patent deposits and requests for technological transfers from abroad) and in the elaboration of innovating and tasty recipes.

A new sustainable factory with a strong production capacity.

9 work stations located in 1200 m² close to Agen, situated in the Lot-et-Garonne department (Southwest of France).

A sustainable factory conceived in sustainable agri-food units which is aptly named :

Energy-efficient buildings
Powered by solar energy
Rainwater harvesting
Sewage treatment
Recycling of carton packaging and used materials

The food transition

champs transition alimentaire
Consume more vegetable protein in the diet helps preserve our health as well as the health of our economy and our environment.

How to feed the future ?

Human Ecology helps us to become aware of the harmful effects of our overconsumption of animal proteins. And above all, it inspires the Food Transition that goes through our individual and collective choices, consume more plant, local and organic... Finding the pleasure of feeding again.
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Organic and local sector
We support short distribution chains and techniques from organic farming, thanks to a selection of producers within 250 km from our factory.
Organic and non-GMO soya
The raw materials used in the production process are fully certified organic and ensure the absence of GMO in our products.