Frequently Asked Questions
SOJAMI is the logical continuation of an applied research work in Human Ecology, conducted at the Bordeaux University of Sciences by Jean James GARREAU, Ph.D. in Biology. Overconsumption of animal proteins in rich countries, and a triple approach , dietetic-medical, economic and ecological food systems have inspired the development of a "vegetable cheese" (patented process) based on "soy milk." This innovation has been awarded several times (University of Bordeaux, Price Visa Valoris, INPI, competition for the creation of Innovative Enterprises at Agropole in Agen in 1996). And it was after having been awarded at the Agropole Competition that Jean-James Garreau created the company in spring 1997.
What is the concept of lactofermented tofu and the difference with classic tofu?
Considered a "soy cheese", or "soy curd", traditional tofu is obtained by physico-chemical reaction and gelation of proteins, after adding nigari (salt of magnesium and calcium) to hot.Au Sojami, the high quality of our tofu is due to the lactofermentation it undergoes during its manufacture, a natural process that converts sugars in soy milk into lactic acid.
What are the properties of lactofermented foods?
They are multiple, and due mainly to the quality of the lactic acid bacteria selected by us :
  • - they promote intestinal balance
  • - they promote lactation
  • - they are bioavailable and biodigestible
  • - they promote vitality, health and longevity
  • - they help to digest, which is particularly true for our organic ice creams, which is delicious !
  • - they help neutralize pathogenic bacteria and reactivate immune defenses
Can I give your products to my children ?
Yes, they are a good alternative to dairy products to vary their diet.
What guarantees do you offer for your products ?
  • - real organic products, healthy, rigorously designed from materials selected by us.
  • - a true and unanimously appreciated taste, for all our products elaborated with great chefs.
  • - ethical and equitable choices: we favor local and regional producers.
Are they good for vegans and vegetarians ?
Of course, Vegans and Vegetarians have known and appreciated our products for a long time, particularly adapted to their food choices by giving them all the satisfactions of a cheese product, in particular by the contribution of proteins and Omega 3.
Where to find our products ?
In France, our products are distributed in many specialized stores. If you can not find them near you, do not hesitate to write to us using the contact form.

Our products are also available abroad in the following countries: Belgium, Canada and Italy. For more information, we invite you to contact our distributors directly on site :